You’ve heard my mantra; 2009 Chianti Classico is fresh with elegance and stuffing; Cigliano’s is no exception.

Here’s a picture when the 2009 was resting in BOTTI; it now in bottles near you.

Using cement and BOTTI makes producers molt bravi in my book.

Continuing the ‘B’ alliteration, folks are telling me that Cigliano will be on BRAVO NETWORK’s new show:  AROUND THE WORLD in 80 PLATES.

Check out the on-going PV writeup of them with pronunciation, as the CI…GLI seems to be choking and spitting a little more than they should be…



We’ve got a live one and ready to roll out of our warehouse:


1 — Venturini Lambursco di Emilia [Sorry about back orders; culpa mea]

2 — FUSO Barbera di Colli Tortonesi 2010 [Sorry about back orders; culpa mea]

7 — Vigneti Massa Timorasso 2010 [Walter and I talked about this last week. It’s got the freshness of 2009 with the stuffing of 2008. As I always say of Walter’s Derthona, it’s like Mahammad Ali, it floats like a butterfly [voluptious and complex] and stings like a bee [acidity].


3 — Cigliano Chianti Classico 2009 [NEW! and 2009 is rocking’ in Chiantishire]

4 — Venditti Sannio Rosso 2010  [the field blend we know and love of FRESH SUMMER RED]

5 — Val del Prete [NEW BIODYNAMIC producer from Roero; rocking’ good Arnies   and Barbera from sandy soils.

6 — Guccione Perricone 2009 [only 25 cases left for all of humanity and history; please don’t hurt me if Oregon and New York want it all]

Please order by number above….


FUSO21: BRUSCO Rosso Toscano Sangiovese

Ciao everyone,

Quick post:

We are loading BRUSCO this week…part of project FUSO21. It’s clean and pure Sangiovese (no Merlot or Cabernet). It’s a strange twist of fate too, that we’re only doing Sangiovese here because the wine comes from Villa del Cigliano, which is an old Antinori holding that was passed down the female blood line and not made into commercial ass wines. See, as my wife convinces me, women know best. Maybe.

SCAMPI ≱ SHRIMP and Alla Mano

My lovely non-Industrial Fish Monger, Pesciarola-Non-Industriale, gives instructions once again to folks that Shrimp ain’t no Scampi, and, you can’t ask for precise ounces when ordering since she’s an artigiana.

Which, brings us to an interesting Italian saying: alla mano. It’s a saying you hear all the time meaning someone who is ‘off the cuff,’ but also who has the bravura to handle the plethora of quotidian situations and changes a day may give. A pastry chef needs to be precise and scientific; the fish monger knows more or less how much you need to make that fish stew.


VAL delle CORTI (new Chianti producer we’re picking up in Radda)

East facing vineyard of VdC in the foreground; fire flies at night over the alternate rows of Fava beans of Val delle Corti; other vineyards on the West side go into…you didn’t guess it: Le Pergole Torte! This is an interesting tidbit of information to spin out a couple ways.

1. I’ll mention Montevertine Le Pergole Torte and everyone will want this unknown organic producer who has less than 50 cases this year for us. Marketing Genius!

2. (-) #1; (+) Global Warming  = Val delle Corti Vineyards are actually producing grapes with more precise and refreshing fruit.  Why? Because what were once prized vineyards for exposure have no sometimes too much of a good thing. Well, that’s if you’re into Drinkability over Gobbed Complexity.

3. Uhm.. I love Montevertine. Yet, there’s a big difference in the vineyard health to this non-agronomist: pick a hunk of Val delle Corti soil up: there’s worms and the dirt sticks to the roots of the fava beans.

FUSO21: 21 Regions, 21 Producers, 21 Terroir-Driven Daily Drinkers with Cut

FUSO just sounds right, with a snarky enough sound in Italian (s= z sound) to get the wheels of curiosity a turnin’.  A few years ago, we started with a FUSO Barbera di Colli Tortonesi from Walter Massa and a FUSO Verdicchio di Matelica from the Cantine Belisario there.

I’ve gotten lots of emails from folks god-knows-where, in the middle of god-knows-not what predicament, that said the FUSO wines soothed and enlivened an ordinary Wednesday night. I know that’s not a eno-epiphany, but for me it’s the quotidian pleasures that count. Kisses in the sun and that sort of shit. Really, it’s such a humble reward to be able to bring over the pond some wine, not dumbed down, that’s tied to a producer,a region, a grape, and a terroir (ok, territorio in Italian but that’s another post). And, there’s no bitching or evading a price neither Edwardian nor Walmartian.