It’s Spring-Fava-Verdant: Finger Slice the Fava and Knife the Pecorino

A great first of Spring veggies: fresh Fava beans. Hull them with your fingers to find the silky woven interior with the sleeping beans. The classic (and in this case not clichè) accompaniment is Pecorino fresco. From the cucina povera, a Tuscan classic that rings in this (still too dry) Spring.


FUSO21: 21 Regions, 21 Producers, 21 Terroir-Driven Daily Drinkers with Cut

FUSO just sounds right, with a snarky enough sound in Italian (s= z sound) to get the wheels of curiosity a turnin’.  A few years ago, we started with a FUSO Barbera di Colli Tortonesi from Walter Massa and a FUSO Verdicchio di Matelica from the Cantine Belisario there.

I’ve gotten lots of emails from folks god-knows-where, in the middle of god-knows-not what predicament, that said the FUSO wines soothed and enlivened an ordinary Wednesday night. I know that’s not a eno-epiphany, but for me it’s the quotidian pleasures that count. Kisses in the sun and that sort of shit. Really, it’s such a humble reward to be able to bring over the pond some wine, not dumbed down, that’s tied to a producer,a region, a grape, and a terroir (ok, territorio in Italian but that’s another post). And, there’s no bitching or evading a price neither Edwardian nor Walmartian.