VAL delle CORTI (new Chianti producer we’re picking up in Radda)

East facing vineyard of VdC in the foreground; fire flies at night over the alternate rows of Fava beans of Val delle Corti; other vineyards on the West side go into…you didn’t guess it: Le Pergole Torte! This is an interesting tidbit of information to spin out a couple ways.

1. I’ll mention Montevertine Le Pergole Torte and everyone will want this unknown organic producer who has less than 50 cases this year for us. Marketing Genius!

2. (-) #1; (+) Global Warming  = Val delle Corti Vineyards are actually producing grapes with more precise and refreshing fruit.  Why? Because what were once prized vineyards for exposure have no sometimes too much of a good thing. Well, that’s if you’re into Drinkability over Gobbed Complexity.

3. Uhm.. I love Montevertine. Yet, there’s a big difference in the vineyard health to this non-agronomist: pick a hunk of Val delle Corti soil up: there’s worms and the dirt sticks to the roots of the fava beans.


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