FUSO21: 21 Regions, 21 Producers, 21 Terroir-Driven Daily Drinkers with Cut

FUSO just sounds right, with a snarky enough sound in Italian (s= z sound) to get the wheels of curiosity a turnin’.  A few years ago, we started with a FUSO Barbera di Colli Tortonesi from Walter Massa and a FUSO Verdicchio di Matelica from the Cantine Belisario there.

I’ve gotten lots of emails from folks god-knows-where, in the middle of god-knows-not what predicament, that said the FUSO wines soothed and enlivened an ordinary Wednesday night. I know that’s not a eno-epiphany, but for me it’s the quotidian pleasures that count. Kisses in the sun and that sort of shit. Really, it’s such a humble reward to be able to bring over the pond some wine, not dumbed down, that’s tied to a producer,a region, a grape, and a terroir (ok, territorio in Italian but that’s another post). And, there’s no bitching or evading a price neither Edwardian nor Walmartian.